Light Up the Night – Nightlife in Hot Springs

Whether you are young and single or you simply want a night out without the kids, you will find a vibrant nightlife scene in the Hot Springs area.

With many local restaurants and bars, there are plenty of places to choose from when relocating to Hot Springs.

Silks Bar and Grill is unique in that it is located within Oaklawn Racing and Gaming.

The restaurant provides a fun and lively atmosphere and hosts live music every Friday and Saturday night from 10 p.m. to 2 a.m.

“We’re thrilled that so many people in the community have made Silks their go-to place for live music in Hot Springs. We are proud to support our local talent and are always looking for ways to improve the overall entertainment experience for our guests,” said Sara Gibson-Jeffers, Special Events Manager at Oaklawn Racing and Gaming.

Types of live music at Silks varies so that customers can have a special and fun experience. One weekend a live band might perform blues music while the next weekend it could be a dance party or country music band, Jeffers said.

While supporting both local and state-wide bands, Silks is a great place to find talent in the area.

For those looking for professionally signed artists, Oaklawn Racing and Gaming is also home to the Finish Line Theater.

The Finish Line Theater’s lineup has included artists such at Olivia Newton John and Michael Bolton, and is held in the grandstand area while there is no live racing.

Downtown Hot Springs is also a great place to enjoy a lively Friday or Saturday night out.

Located in Historic Downtown Hot Springs, the Legendary Fat Jacks Oyster and Sports Bar, 101 Central Ave., provides a laid back atmosphere with live music and Cajun food.

With a good mix of locals and tourists, Fat Jacks gives both a new and familiar setting.

“Someone’s always playing, and there is someone always knowing someone,” said John Henry Arnold, General Manager.

Live music is held in the upstairs area.

Karaoke is held every Friday night and Fat Jacks either hosts a live band or DJ on Saturday night.

The band and DJs are mostly from the Arkansas area to support local talent and give customers a variety of types of music.

The Downtown area is also home to the oldest bar in Arkansas, The Ohio Club.

For more than 100 years, The Ohio Club has provided both locals and tourists with a fun night out, said Michael Dampier, Executive Chef. The bar was founded in 1905 and has seen many famous visitors during its 100 years, including Al Capone, Bugsy Segal, Bugs Moran, and Lucky Luciano. Celebrities today will also sometimes stop in for a burger or dink when they are in town.

The Ohio Club has live music seven nights a week. On Sundays through Tuesdays, the bar features solo and duo artists. Wednesday nights are blues nights, and Thursday nights are jazz nights. On Fridays and Saturdays the house band, The Ohio Club Players, which are a Hot Springs favorite, perform.

Many people come to The Ohio Club for the history, Dampier said, adding that it is also like a museum for Hot Springs history as well.